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 Reservations and Booking

         Buy your tickets online!
For your convenience we accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express,  Discover, Pay Pal, and Pay Pal Gift Cards. 
You may  call to reserve your seat or use the Contact Us button to request a reservation form if you prefer to send payment in.  Payment is accepted in the form of  check, cashiers check, or money order and  is due within 7 days of  reservation to prevent cancellation.   Cash is accepted only in person.  There is a $25 dollar returned check fee for casino reservations. and  shopping trips.
*Bonuses are distributed by the casino and subject to change at casino discretion.  Freedom Tours does not assume any liablilty in any changes  in value of casino bonuses. 
            For Trip Inquires or more information, please
Charter Coach Reservations
Charter coach reservations are available online or by phone.  To prevent cancellation a $250 deposit is due within 5  days of reservation.  Deposits are nonrefundable.
For  your convenience we accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Pay Pal, and Pay Pal Gift Cards. 
Payment is also accepted in the form of check, cashiers check or money order. Cash is accepted only in person. 
Final payment is due within 10 working days prior to departure date.  There is a $75 returned check fee.


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